Sunday, November 20, 2022

I really deserve this

There was a group of three handsome college boys casting looks at Cassandra. She smiled back at them, the heat between her legs worsening while she prayed for one of them to come over. “I could take all of them with this body,” she whispered while sipping from her cup. “God, men are so much easier with this body.”

She sat alone at her table at her favorite coffee shop and absorbed everything in her surroundings. She loved the attention she was getting with this young body. She was an 87-year-old widow with everything except for good health, and now she was perfect. Even in her youth as Cassandra Popov, men never lusted for her the way these young men did. Before her doctor transplanted her brain into her current donor body, she had her lawyers transfer all of her assets to her new legal name. It was going to take a lot of getting used to, but being Ellen Smith was going to be a lot easier with endless wealth at her young fingertips.

The donor had been a private escort for some of the richest men in downtown Seattle. She was well known and had an unbelievably sexy body. For a 22-year-old woman, this young girl had everything one could hope for in a woman. Ellen’s body oozed with endless sexuality, yet for some reason, the girl was always self-conscious. She was sedated by a surgeon to perform plastic surgery when one of the doctors gave Cassandra a call about transferring her brain into a younger vessel. She’d been on the wait list for a willing donor for nearly ten years, and when she saw Ellen’s patient file, she just knew that her body was perfect.

After a life changing operation, Cassandra was now her. Ellen had gone into surgery to become a more attractive woman in her eyes, but she’d left after losing everything to the older woman. Cassandra loved flaunting herself – she couldn’t help it. The attention and horniness of her young body made it difficult to keep herself under control. And once one of the three guys got the courage to come to her table, she had a feeling that life as Ellen Smith was going to be wonderful.

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