Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Your wealth's going to be mine

Tyler smirked as Karl glared at him. After spending nearly a month together at his family’s mansion, Samantha’s boyfriend finally put the pieces together. “You loved the way I sucked you off, didn’t you? Don’t you think I’m better fit for her body?” Tyler asked.

“You’re insane if you really think I’m going to stay with you. I know who you are.”

Tyler crossed his legs and playfully squeezed his busty chest. The softness of his female body sent a rush of excitement through his body. “But you said you loved the way we made love. Besides, after sleeping with you nearly every day, it’s kind of difficult to reverse my spell. Let me just say, though, I LOVED every bit of it.”

“Get out of her body.”

The body thief leaned back in his chair. “Or what? You’ll tell on me? Baby, you and I are going to stay together forever now. After you decided to turn me into an outcast, you basically ruined my life. I feel like this is the least you can do to make it up for me.” Tyler leaned forward and purposefully jiggled his breasts. “Look, it’ll be really fun. I promise. I won’t say anything, and you won’t have to say anything. We can just live life like I’m Samantha.” His voice became pure spite. “And if you try to leave me … well … I have her body. I have everything. Including your money.”

“I’m not staying with you.”

Tyler laughed mischievously. “Joke’s on you, Karl, I actually don’t care. The baby you put in me will help me take some of your money. And I’m keeping it, by the way.” He stuck his tongue out. “Looks like you’re locked in!”

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