Wednesday, November 23, 2022

You actually found me

Don smirked when he saw his old body storming towards him. He felt small and alone in his female body, but he knew that he could call for help if he needed it. There were tons of people out and about during rush hour, so Don felt a sense of security. But once his old body stopped in front of him, he realized that he wasn't expecting Britney to find him so soon. He didn't know what to say to his former roommate.

After using his swapping stone to switch bodies with her, he didn't hesitate to destroy the stone with a hammer. He didn't plan on switching back, especially after he was going to lose everything. He was bankrupt, and with his shoddy work history, he was unable to find a job. So, he decided to take a shortcut. 

Once he had her sexy body, he changed his phone number, moved halfway across the country, and adjusted his new life as best he could. He was working at an accounting firm after he quit Britney's job too. He thought he covered his tracks, but seeing Britney glaring at him made him realize that she was more stubborn the rest of his victims. She would never let this go.

"I don't know how you did this," Britney said with a deep voice. "But I want my body back. NOW, DON!"

"Sorry, Don, I don't know what you're talking about," Don teased. Britney's face was red. He could tell that she was fuming as she reached forward. Don stepped back. "Nope, you don't want to do that. All I have to do is scream, and somebody will come help me." Britney glared at him and was about to say something when he continued. "What are you gonna do? Take me to court?" He placed his small hands over his wide hips and swayed his breasts. "You've been really stubborn by following me all the way out here. Tell you what - you go ahead and tell somebody about this. Tell them that I stole your body. Nobody will believe you." His voice lowered into a feminine growl. "Go ahead and try it. You're in an unemployed body with a criminal record. We'll see who gets in trouble first."

Britney wanted to scream, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. She knew that he was right. If she tried to report him, they'd probably laugh her off or worse. They wouldn't care about her feelings as she remained trapped in his loser body.

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  1. I really enjoy these stories about guys stealing hot girls bodies to escape a criminal past. Yet, it would be fun to see one backfire. The guy steals her body only to discover that she also has a criminal past and is running from her Pimp. lol