Sunday, November 6, 2022

Trapped in my homewrecker


Once Rachael possessed Stuart’s new wife with the spell she found online, she found herself in the bitch’s busty body. She was practically a busty barbie doll with fake breasts and overly plump lips. She had way too much work done – the fact that Stuart decided to break up with Rachael to marry Layna left her seething with anger. “God, she’s such a stupid bitch,” Rachael whispered while she stroked the front of her crotch. She immediately twitched.  “I can’t wait to use her body to have sex with random men. She feels really sensitive.” Since Rachael was in control, she could do whatever she wanted. When his new wife moved in to replace her Rachael’s life took a nosedive. She suffered mentally and felt ugly. She remained single for nearly two years until she found the perfect way to ruin the couple’s relationship. 

But just before she could text her ex-husband to try breaking them apart, Rachael’s hands started to twitch. 

“A stupid bitch, huh? Who the fuck are you?” A voice in her head hissed.

The possessor’s heart dropped. “What? You’re in here with me?” Rachael struggled to say.

Just before she could suppress Layna’s mind, Rachael found herself losing complete control and becoming locked in her head. “There, that’s better,” Layna laughed. “Oh, that’s who you are. I can feel it. I’ve sensed you before. You’re my husband’s dumb ex.”

“Excuse me?” Rachael spoke in an echoey voice.

“What, you thought you were the only one who knew how to use magic? I never thought I’d have to use it, but if you could find spells online, why can’t other people?” Layna walked over to a nearby mirror and smirked. “Doesn’t feel that fun, huh? It’s a shame you probably didn’t think this far ahead. The fact that you haven’t fought for control means you don’t know how to repossess me. I guess that means you get to see just how much better of a wife I am. This is what you wanted, right? To be me. Well, you can as long as you sit back and enjoy the ride.”

Unfortunately, Layna had no intentions of letting Rachael break free. She’d remain stuck in the woman she hated, and be forced to watch their every living second together as the perfect couple. The worst thing about it was that she couldn’t enjoy herself inside of Layna. She could feel nothing, and that’s exactly what the homewrecker wanted for her.

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