Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Easy path to riches - Part 2


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Amina's body felt so damp, but she couldn't break free from her husband. She didn't want to, especially as he plunged his massive cock into her possessed body. He had finished inside of her nearly three times that day - Leila's voice was long gone. They only needed to inseminate her once in order to make the body possession potion permanently seal her soul in her new body, yet the two continued to make love.

Amina's slender fingers clenched the sheets beneath them as Aziz pushed every inch into her. He was always strong and large, but her new body was smaller than her old one. It took some getting used to for both of them. She could feel her skin bump into his, his hairs rubbing along the surface of her pale skin while he stretched her insides. The first time they fucked had been painful, but after getting used to her new body, Amina was really loving her husband's cock. 

His dark skin was slick with their perspiration, but that didn't hinder his lust or performance. He became more aggressive, using every inch of her body to satisfy his urges. His lips kissed every inch of her naked body, and the longer they made love, the more Amina realized that stealing this American girl's body was totally worth it.

Her body felt incredible with all of the sensations overriding her mind, and her husband was clearly enjoying this. It felt like the very first few months of their marriage before the excitement died down, and Amina had a feeling that it was going to last a lot longer in her significantly younger body. Everything about her was incredible – her healthy physique, sexy figure, and perfectly smooth skin made her feel gorgeous. And each time she climaxed, her body shook harder than her old body, causing her to grip her sheets ever harder while the ecstasy made her beg Aziz for more of his cock.

Things hadn't been great for their relationship together. Money problems and the political environment left Sudan in a weird place. But when the village witch gave Amina a potion that could help her start a new life, the Sudanese woman didn't hesitate to use it on one of the customers at her husband's hotel. They did an incredible amount of research on Leila prior to the possession, and after learning that she had a fairly well off family, they decided to use her body to start life anew in America. All they had to do was have her drink the potion at the same time as Amina, and after her husband managed to mix some of it into the girl's tea, the body possession immediately forced her mind into the beautiful American woman's body. All they had to do was have sex in order to make the possession permanent, and since Leila had come to Sudan alone, there was nobody who could stop them.

Amina had been afraid at first. But as Aziz's muscular body sank down into hers, and his lips met her mouth, she knew that things were going to improve. She had the body of an attractive model with a wonderful future. The taste of their saliva mixed, and Amina's arms tightened around her husband while the urge to take another load from him intensified. "Do it," Amina ordered her husband. "Do it now, my love. Cum inside of me. Cum inside of me and say MY name...."

He began to grunt. Her firm breasts pushed up against his chest, their skin tight against one another while she waited for his hot cum to fill her insides. When he began to groan, he kissed the side of her neck and whispered, "Leila..." Her petite body wrapped his lower waist, squeezing him tightly with her long legs while she felt his thrusts becoming stronger. And just as her husband sank down one final time, she could feel his seed erupting deep inside of her.

They were both panting by the time he was able to pull out of her. Their juices gushed out of her as they cuddled, and as they slowly drifted off to sleep, Amina couldn’t help but fantasize about their future in America together. The possibilities were endless with this woman’s body, and as Amina felt her husband's cum still dripping out of her, she just knew that they were going to be able to make the most out of it. 

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