Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Why would I swap back?

Grace laughed at the shocked look on Serena's face. "Did you really think that I'd be wanting to switch back? You were the one who accepted it."

"I didn't think I'd miss how things used to be..."

Grace couldn't help but giggle at that. "Well, maybe you should have been more grateful for what you had. You literally had everything - the only thing you wanted was my money. But you decided to use your money to make yourself look worse." After voluntarily switching bodies with Grace, Serena had tried to make the most out of her new life. Grace had always been an eye sore to look at, so when her best friend offered to trade her beautiful body for a chance to not have to worry about money, Grace jumped at the opportunity.

But Serena wasn't expecting her confidence to drop so hard, so she ended up getting breast implants and work done. She paid for the best possible surgical procedures, and she ended up making her body worse. There was always a chance for plastic surgery to go wrong, and everything had gone wrong for Serena. In the process, she ruined her body, and now she was trying to convince Grace to switch back. 

"Look, stop crying. People are going to see us. Anyway, I don't want to go through the process again. The body swap clinic wasn't a comfortable experience - we literally had our brains electrocuted over and over again in those pods. I'm not doing that again just to go back into THAT thing."

"Please," Serena said. "You said that you'd be willing to do anything for me. We're best friends - we've known each other forever. Why are you being like this all of a sudden?"

Grace crossed her arms, pushing up her firm breasts while she smirked. "Because I don't want to give any of this up. Especially after you butchered my body. Sure, I wasn't the prettiest thing, but I didn't expect you to somehow make me worse." She immediately crossed her legs. "Anyhow, you have plenty of money. Pay a guy to be with you."

"I don't want to pay somebody to feel a connection, though. Please, Grace." Serena leaned forward. "Please don't be like this." Her eyes were welling up with tears as she started to get even more upset. "Don't you want your money back? Your inheritance?"

"There's at most maybe five hundred grand in a bank account," Grace scoffed. "Besides, with a body like this, I've probably made more money than I've ever made on investment income alone. Yeah, you never thought about leveraging your looks - but I did. Turns out that guys love a young girl like me." She gave her former best friend a wink. "Yeah, maybe I’ll link you my Only Fans. I don’t even post anything that bad … though I’ve definitely had some fun with your boyfriend. I didn’t realize how bad you were at satisfying him – I literally blew his mind, and I haven’t even been with that many guys.” That’s when it hit her. “I get it – you know that we’ve been intimate, and now you want him back. Well, tough luck, bitch. This is MY body now.” Grace gave the air a kiss. “Eventually, I'll have more money than you too. It's a shame you didn't know what you had until you lost it - guess you're going to have to learn to live with the mistakes you've made."

Defeated and unable to convince Grace to switch back, Serena stood up abruptly. Her plastic surgery had left her with some pain, so she had a bit of a limp as she stormed out of the park in defeat.

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