Monday, September 18, 2023

Love my doctor

Izzy softly moaned as she felt Dr. Morris pulling out of her. Rolling up his condom, he threw it into the trash bin beside her bed and panted loudly. After being together for the entire night, Izzy had been impressed with the stamina he had. He did things to her that she couldn't have ever dreamed of doing in her older body (even in its youth). 

The way he pulled her hair and worshipped her glistening slit made her bed him for more. Of course, for a doctor in his thirties, she fully expected that he would be able to at least keep up with her own young body. She planted a kiss against his cheek and hugged him as they stared silently at the ceiling together.

The thought of being like this with another man after so many years left her feeling grateful. When Izzy first found herself in her new body, she was horrified at what had happened. She had gone in for a routine medical examination (possibly her last), and at some point after being sedated, her mind had been extracted. She didn't know that Dr. Morris had planted her mind into another patient's body.

Yvonne had gone in for brain surgery after experiencing a horrifying head injury. When Dr. Morris discovered that her brain was beyond saving. So, rather than let her body go to waste, the doctor made the transplant himself. He knew that their bodies were compatible and had the same blood type. 

The only downside was that it would require anti rejection medication to make sure Yvonne's body didn't reject Izzy. At first, Izzy wasn't sure how to feel - she was afraid of telling the people around her about how she wasn't Yvonne. She was terrified of being in trouble. So, she remained silent as Dr. Morris and his team helped her. And after several months of rehabilitation, Izzy was able to move freely without any assistance.

It didn't take long before Dr. Morris confessed what had happened in detail. Hearing his reasoning made her angry, but when she saw the care in his eyes, she realized that he had done the procedure out of the goodness of his heart. Despite being terrified by the whole experience, she couldn't blame him for what he had done. He didn't want the girl's parents to lose their daughter, and it wasn't like Izzy was going to be around for long. Without a nearby brain donor, Yvonne's body wouldn't have been suitable for a mind transplant, especially when Dr. Morris only had four minutes to make the decision.

It also didn't take long for Dr. Morris to start a relationship with her - their shared secret only brought them closer together. Today, it had been a year since they met. Izzy couldn't have imagined her being in this situation again - she couldn't have imagined a second chance at living. She loved being Yvonne - she enjoyed her athletic body as a soccer player, and she especially liked the fact that she was studying English. Izzy had been an English teacher, and now that she had her new body, she had a feeling that starting over wasn’t going to be too difficult.

She had been a 92-year-old elderly women with no family of her own. Now, with Yvonne's life, she had more than she could have ever asked for. With a body that didn't match her age, and her newly awakened desire to try something different, she found herself looking forward to being with him as the two partners drifted off to sleep.

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