Wednesday, September 20, 2023

My new sister

Jared stood at the foot of the bed and crossed his arms beneath his new breasts. After nearly two weeks in Ari's gorgeous body, her younger sister, Aby, had just discovered that she wasn't the same person she'd grown up with. The hatred said it all. Jared had used a body possession remote prototype in order to place his mind into his new body. Ari had been asleep all those weeks ago when he snuck through a nearby window. The remote only worked on people who were deep in REM sleep, so when he saw her eyes twitching, he knew it was time to act.

Jared had always been jealous of Ari throughout college. They'd been competitive students who hated each other after Ari had convinced fellow group members to give Jared a low participation grade. They had been working on a business paper together up until they snaked him, and unfortunately for him, he had to retake the class because of it. Ever since then, he'd become obsessed with her every move. He did this out of hatred, and after stealing the body possession prototype from his technology company, he decided to take revenge into his own hands. The remote was supposed to place minds inside of realistic simulations, and he was about to do it for a completely different purpose.

“Let’s do this,” he had whispered. He had pressed the remote against his future body's forehead. He clicked the side button, and he immediately felt a ticklish sensation moving through his hand. Before he knew it, he felt his mind being forced through the air and into Ari's body. With a violent shudder, he found himself in her gorgeous body while his old body fell to the ground. It had been like a dream, especially after he got to know every inch of himself. He couldn't believe how he was willing to try ruining Ari's life - he was going to embarrass her to ruin her reputation. But now that she had her flesh, he didn't plan on leaving after hiding the remote in a discreet location. And with a mischievous chuckle, Jared gave Aby a wink. "You got me," he said. "I'm not actually your sister. I'm a better version of her. But don't worry, you'll get used to it."

"Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm Ari," he said while he pulled a pack of cigarettes from a nearby drawer. Lighting the cigarette, he blew smoke over towards Aby. "Go ahead - I know that look. You want to do something. But guess what? I dumped my old body into the local river. I have nowhere else to go."


Jared ran a finger through his silky black hair. "Right here - she's right here. I won't tell you how I did it, but let's just say the original Ari is long gone." He leaned forward, his large breasts jiggling while he laughed. "And guess what? Nobody will ever believe you. You can try as hard as you want, but I'm never going to go away."

While the real Ari remained trapped in her dreams, Jared would never tell anybody how he stole Ari's body. And of course, nobody would ever believe Aby, especially after Jared familiarized himself with everything about Ari's life. The girl was never conservative with her personal life - everything was on the internet. Sure, Aby saw right through him, but after a few hours of studying, Ari was going to be easy enough to imitate for life.

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