Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Absorbing her precious attributes

Abigail had a sly smirk as she waltzed across her balcony. Every step was a picture of grace and confidence, the clinking sound of her high heels forcing Carl’s eyes to watch her every move. Adorned in a cute dress that accentuated her elegance, she couldn't resist the vanity that urged her to run a hand through her chestnut waves that cascaded down her back. She turned her head slightly, catching Carl in the act of capturing her likeness through the lens of his camera. “How do I look?”

“Absolutely perfect,” he said breathlessly. She smiled at that – she especially liked how he was still out of breath. The two had made love nearly half an hour ago, yet he was still exhausted from the session they’d shared. Abigail loved how he could barely keep up, and she especially liked how he struggled not to finish too early. When her body appeared much older, he was able to last a lot longer.

Now, he could barely control himself with her rejuvenated body. 

Ever since he helped place her attribute stone into Deborah’s possession, her physical appearance only improved. Abigail was a 108-year-old woman who struggled to find a new victim. She regularly maintained her health by sapping the energy and attributes of an unsuspecting victim. By using her attribute stone, she could transfer another person’s youth and appearance over time. The catch was that a willing third party had to provide the stone to somebody, and her partner in crime, Mike, had died suddenly nearly five years ago. 

Sharing her secret with a new third party was dangerous, because being caught and reported could lead to her stone being taken away. The third party had to know what the stone was capable of, and the stone only gave attributes to the second to last person who touched it. Disregarding this rule could have the unintended effect of reversing the attributes she’d stolen from people from years before. She would lose the shapely bum and seductive voice she had worked so hard to steal.

Thankfully, that was when her caretaker, Carl, proved his loyalty by doing as she pleased. He offered her love despite looking like she was in her sixties, and when he helped her rejuvenate her body, his love only grew. He convinced his coworker Deborah by pretending that her boyfriend wanted to give it to her. She would never find out the truth. Knowing all this, Abigail knew she’d found her new Mike, and all she had to do was satisfy his every desire. She was more than happy to worship his cock or let him caress every inch of her body now that the attribute stone had given her as much of Deborah’s youth as it could.

Carl further sealed his loyalty by returning the attribute stone to her precious jewelry box. Deborah, now wrinkled and weak, had no idea what had happened to her. Thankfully, as long as the pathetic man didn’t say anything, nobody would ever suspect that Abigail had absorbed her attributes. It had been years since she was able to attract others since Mike had died, and it was especially hard to convince anybody to help her with her attribute stone.

Now, the night called to her, and she was looking forward to Carl taking more pictures of her after a night of clubbing. With a body this attractive, she could get endless streams of income with Carl’s help. Money had always been an issue, and now she had some sort of stability with the body she had now. Her large breasts, toned legs, and gorgeous face were all thanks to Deborah. And with everything she had, Abigail was looking forward to manipulating some of the wealthier men looking to cheat on their wives. She excitedly picked up her purse and beckoned for Carl to follow her.

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