Friday, December 23, 2022

Possessing my sexy maid - Part 1

At the end of her shift, Miss Gonzales offered Phoebe a green drink. "Here, stay hydrated. I'm going to head out of town for a work event - you can clock out for the night. I'll be seeing you later though, okay?"

"Okay," Phoebe had said just before her boss left. She was stupidly tired, so she decided to head to her room to take a nap after a quick workout in Miss Gonzales’ gym. She had an online call with her family, and she wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. But she could still taste the bitterness of Miss Gonzales' drink as she drifted in and out of sleep on her couch. Despite the grossness, she was still thankful for everything the older woman had given her.

When 49-year-old Regina Gonzales hired Phoebe Garcia to work as a maid at her mansion, the young Latina was ecstatic about having an opportunity to work and live in America. Her English wasn't the best, but Miss Gonzales helped her out with all of the necessary travel expenses. The middle-aged woman had a Latina background despite sounding and looking like a naturalized American. Phoebe wasn't sure if one of her dead husbands had the Gonzales last name, but Miss Gonzales definitely spoke perfect Spanish. With the woman's translating and help, Phoebe also had free rent at the massive mansion on top of her $5,000 per month income. 

She desperately needed money to send back to South America, and this was the perfect job for that. But strange things began happening during the 21-year-old's second month of working at Miss Gonzales' home. She would find herself waking up late on weekends after having strange dreams about Miss Gonzales’ wild sexual adventures. 

The older woman frequently had handsome men at her home, and Phoebe had a funny feeling that they were male strippers or prostitutes. She cleaned up after them on a daily basis, so she eventually put the math together but kept her lips shut. It was none of her business, and she didn't want to lose her job. She kept it all to herself until her nap turned into yet another dream about Miss Gonzales’ boy toys.

But instead of the older woman being pleasured, it was Phoebe. An erotic sensation flowed through her when her body jerked awake. A fizzing and cramping sensation bubbled up in her chiseled tummy. She thought she had pulled a muscle until she felt something coming out of her throat. 

She felt like she was gagging as a white glow emerged from her lips. She found herself floating up into the air as a glowing white orb, and to her horror, Miss Gonzales was standing at her doorway with one of her gorgeous young men. The man took a glass jar and immediately caught Phoebe's glowing body while Miss Gonzales sipped from a familiar green drink.

Phoebe could barely understand her employer as she spoke. "Such a good catch," Miss Gonzales said upon kissing his cheek. "It looks like the potion finally loosened her soul - took a while, though. Look at her - her young body's practically trying to pull me in already. I doubt her fertility's going to be an issue either - I’ll be able to start over with you. Be a dear and set her jar on the table - we don't have much longer before her body's defenses are restored."

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