Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Absorbing her body - Part 2


When Louise saw Caroline at their old gym, she just knew that she needed her face. Every single asset her body had came from other women over the years. But none of them were as beautiful as Caroline, so when the young woman moved to another gym, Louise was distraught. She'd been trying her best to find the perfect opportunity to use her Absorption Stone to fuse with her body, but she couldn't find it until tonight. And now, her plan was finally coming together. The older woman laughed at Caroline's terrified expression while she tried to cough her hand up. "Don't worry, it'll all be over soon. This is just part of the stone’s magic. Don't worry, you'll enjoy every second of it … mostly. I noticed you admiring my body too. I know, it's perfect, but with your face ... God, I can't wait to have those men looking at me. I was jealous when I saw them looking at you instead of me, but I understood what I was missing. I understand what I need from you."

Louise's entire body had liquified at this point, and a hissing sound from the liquid revealed that the older woman was becoming a bright purple gas. Caroline felt a burning sensation rippling through her entire body as her insides became filled by Louise's gaseous body. The young woman didn't realize it, but every inch of her insides were being rearranged and transformed. Little by little, she felt her skin stretching and expanding. Louise's toned arms and sexy thighs emerged from her skinny body as Caroline let out a silent scream. She called for help when she realized that she was losing control. Louise was moving her arms and legs while her breasts grew and her hips widened. Caroline's young body was transforming, and when her face fearfully stared at the nearby mirror, she couldn't believe how different she looked.

Her face looked exactly the same until a wicked smile stretched over her lips. Louise was in control as she coughed and spat out a familiar glowing stone. She rubbed the damp purple stone in her hands. “Eck … I hate having to do that. But it’s all worth it in the end.” After placing it in Caroline’s nearby gym bag, the older woman brought her soft hands over her breasts and gave them a squeeze. "Oh, wow, I was right. Your face and my body are just perfect." Louise said with a satisfied grin. "I hope you enjoy every moment in our unified body. You won't be able to enjoy it for long, but I hope you have some fun too."

The transformed woman spun around to stare at her bum. "Everything's the same, except for your face, obviously. You look so much better like this. Sarah’s firm butt, Clare’s toned tummy ... Megan’s breasts." She finally released them as she leaned towards the mirror with an evil smirk. "You’ll get to know them soon once you become absorbed into my mind for an eternity. Yeah, I didn't get this body all through just hard work. I've had to absorb multiple girls to get this sexy physique. You almost got away, but I’m so happy that I found you!" She let out an evil laugh. "It's so nice to have my youth back too. It didn't look like it, but I was really starting to feel the pain in my feet. Most men were still obsessed over me, but I knew sex was a bigger chore. Now that I'm actually younger with your face, I'm going to have so much fun when I test my new body with the guys at the Fitness Cave."

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