Saturday, December 24, 2022

Possessing my sexy maid - Part 2

When 49-year-old Regina Gonzales hired Phoebe Garcia to work as a maid at her mansion, she was ecstatic to learn that the younger woman was so fit and beautiful. Regina had spent decades satisfying her urges and desire for wealth by using her family's spell book to trick men into falling in love with her. Her spell book had incantations and potions that could get her anything she wanted. A lifetime of accruing wealth, cars, and houses had spoiled her, but when she learned that the only potion that would extend her life indefinitely required a host with her own blood, she was distraught. Lovemaking was also a requirement, but she could easily find a man for that.

Descendants were an issue. She spent far too long enjoying her life. Now that she was unable to have children, she had to turn to family members, and she was horrified to learn that she was the youngest of her known family. But when she tracked down descendants from one of her ancestors, she managed to track down a potential host in South America. Convincing Phoebe to move in and work for her was easy, especially since her family desperately needed the money. All Regina had to do was wait for the potion to erode Phoebe's natural defenses against dark magic.

Regina's soul had already blackened from years of abusing magic on men. A simple sip from her green drink immediately made her tummy begin to quiver. More sips made her fall to her knees. Just before her soul left her body, Regina decided to turn the glass jar so Phoebe could watch her body become possessed. The older woman laughed one final time as she felt a black orb slipping through her lips. The orb shot out of her, and her soul aimlessly began flying around the room for the nearest empty vessel. Regina got closer and closer until she felt the young woman's lips sucking her dark soul in. Phoebe screamed helplessly. Her young body shivered until Regina forced her eyes open.

She sat up from the couch and gushed with glee as she looked down at her body. The young woman had been half naked, so she was in her black lingerie still as the older woman ran across to the room to plant a kiss against Zack's lips. HIs hands caressed her six pack abs before squeezing her firm bum. "It worked," Regina told him while she ran her hands down her chiseled tummy. Every inch of her young body felt toned and decided to take a selfie with her old body’s phone. "It's amazing how perfect she is under her maid outfit." The body thief shook her head rapidly and looked at the glass jar with Phoebe's white soul helplessly banging against the glass. "No ... it's amazing how perfect MY body is. I knew she was fit, but she really worked hard on getting these sweet abs." She could feel Zack's thickness bulging against her body while she threw the cell phone aside. She playfully gyrated against him while biting her lower lip. 

Since entering her new body, the love magic should’ve faded. But Zack was definitely into helping her finish her plan as he kissed the side of her neck. His voice became a whisper. "Wait, what about her?"

Regina stared at the jar again and laughed when she saw that the young woman was trying to scream at her. But the white orb of light could only become brighter and dimmer. "Don’t worry about that. She’ll naturally lose her senses the longer she’s in there. As long as the magical sealing jar remains closed, she can't break free.” He kissed her cheek. “And the spell book mentioned that once you impregnate me, it's impossible for her to regain her body back. It permanently changes her on the inside. Her soul would immediately be rejected if she ever escapes from the jar."

Her lover kissed her lips. "Let's get started." 

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