Sunday, December 25, 2022

Possessing my sexy maid - Part 3

Regina couldn't believe how strong her new body felt, and she loved the fact that she wouldn't need to use a hypnotizing or love spell on her potential lovers. With her distant relative’s body, she could attract anyone. "Right there," she screamed in her maid's voice. As Zack plunged her into stolen inner folds on Phoebe’s bed, her nails dug into his back to urge him to go harder. He usually had to be gentler in her old body due to the lack of wetness between her legs. But Phoebe's sexy figure was oozing with desire. She desperately wanted to feel him throbbing inside of her. She wanted him to finish over and over again. This was her body now, and she fully intended on having her sealed so that Phoebe would forever remain bodiless. Her youth had its primal urges, and now that Regina had her body, she could feel the hormones surging through her while they made love.

Regina loved the way her muscles flexed. She loved how toned her arms were and how Zack loved the thickness of her thighs. She let out a loud moan as he hit just right spot inside her. She shuddered from pleasure before reaching up for him. "Yes... yes," she moaned again when his lips met hers. His hands were on either side of her face as their tongues danced together, exploring each other like two hungry animals while she aggressively pushed him back. His cock slid out as an empty achiness emerged. She got on top of him and sank down on his thickness before letting out a passionate moan. She rode him hard while her dainty hands rested against his muscular chest. She could see his eyes glancing up and down her large, bouncing breasts and toned abs. "God, yes," Regina moaned. Her hips moved faster, sending waves of ecstasy coursing throughout their bodies while her lover's hands playfully slapped her tight butt. She reached up to cup her breasts. "You're going to make her cum." She let out a triumphant laugh while she bounced against Zack's cock. "No, you're going to make ME cum!" 

"Regina," he groaned. "Fuck! I’m going to cum too!"

Regina rapidly shook her head while her dark, silky hair bounced with her. "My new name, dear," she moaned. "Say it, or you can't cum inside of me!"

"Phoebe," he moaned, and just as one of his fingers began to nudge at her clit, a shivering orgasm rocked through her body. “Phoebe!” The orgasm was so intense it left her dazed as flashes of Phoebe's memories surged through her mind. It wasn't until after the climax subsided that she realized what the spell had done. Upon sealing her in her new form, she'd absorbed all of Phoebe's thoughts and memories from her physical brain. She collapsed on top of Zack and milked every last drop out of him while Phoebe helplessly watched. "Phoebe..."

"You did wonderfully," she said with a kiss. When Regina looked at the jar, she could see that the young woman's soul was still trying to talk to them. The body thief smiled while her lover's seed gushed out of her. She couldn’t wait to get a chance to meet her new family. All she had to do now was forge her will so she could transfer all her assets. And with all of her old body’s wealth, she had a funny feeling that nobody would notice or care for any personality changes. Life was going to be wonderful.

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