Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Stealing from a student

 After starting college, Jennifer was loving life. She had a party literally every weekend, and since she was a trust fund kid, she constantly had money to burn. Her dorm neighbors, Mathias and Claire, were always hanging out with her. One day, the three of them were at Claire’s dorm where they decided on watching a movie off Netflix.

Jennifer was in Claire’s kitchen where Mathias poured her a cup of coffee. He slid it over to her as Claire left the room to quickly get the living room ready. “Thank you,” Jennifer said happily while she drank the hot coffee from the glass cup. Suddenly, the room started spinning. Mathias did nothing but watch as the girl started to shiver. "What's happening to me?"

"Lean against the counter. Let the pain wash over you."

"W-What?" She asked through slitted eyes. There was a faint smirk over Mathias's lips. Before she could say anything else, a sharp pain surged through her stomach, and she could see a faint white light sliding out of Mathias's chest. The light engulfed her, and she let out a low moan as a warm feeling slipped through her lips. Suddenly, her pretty face broke into a smile. She could feel her fingers wiggle as she giggled happily, but Jennifer wasn't in control. She could only watch as a passenger in her own body while Mathias's body fell to the floor. Jennifer's body moved slowly around the kitchen – she wanted to scream.

“Babe?” Claire asked. A sense of relief washed over Jennifer while her body turned to look at her neighbor. She expected her to rush over to help Mathias up, but she seemed very nonchalant about everything. She wouldn’t learn until later that Mathias and Claire weren’t actual students at the college. They were body jackers who frequently stole money from wealthier students. Jennifer was just among one of many victims, but because of her natural beauty, there was a chance that she’d never have control ever again.

The evil smile over her neighbor’s lips finalized the fact that the two were working together. Claire excitedly rushed over and hugged her. “The possession potion worked! Come on, let’s head out to the hotel. We can take this bitch’s money after.” 

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