Monday, December 26, 2022

Tricked by my dog


Bella, now inside of her owner’s body, smirked and crouched beside Klara as she barked at her. “Sit,” the body thief smiled. Klara did as she was told but then started barking again. “Oh, hush, or I might take out the bark collar on you.” Her former owner stopped barking and let out a whining sound while she was picked up and whisked away. 

The dog and her owner had swapped bodies when the body swap remote dropped out of her purse during their walk. Samantha had struggled through their business management class together, so she decided to steal Klara's assignment to make it her own. The teacher didn't know anything about it since the assignment wasn't submitted by Klara on time. Samantha successfully stole the assignment, forcing Klara to redo it for her own submission. She ended up getting late marks because of it, so she decided it was time to take a crack at her own revenge.

Klara's best friend, Mike, loved tinkering with things. And when he suggested using it to take control of Samantha's body, the sky was the limit for revenge plots. He brought the remote to her house and explained all the necessary steps. Klara was going to embarrass the classmate until the remote forced her to become her dog. It wasn't until much later when she made the horrible realization that Bella had been listening into their conversation on how to use the remote.

And now that Bella had her owner's body, she had no use for the remote anymore. The smart and former dog simply locked the remote up to give it back to Mike later on. "Maybe I'll reward him," Bella said upon returning home with Klara. She gave her a wink before placing the bark collar over Klara's neck. "There - now be a good girl and stay here. I have to go get comfortable in my new body."