Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Using his second chance - Part 3


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Albert had no idea that Justin was inside of Brigitte's body. The only thing he was focused on was the way the woman moved between his fingertips while they played in the tub. Bathing her perfect body made the steep price tag all worth it - he wasn't having any buyer's remorse as Brigitte kissed his lips and cock. Brigitte wasn't very good at giving head at first, but the longer they bathed together and experimented, the more skilled she became. He figured that it was nervousness getting in the way - by the time they were done bathing, her confidence was through the roof. She dried their bodies and eagerly led him into the bedroom.

Albert had subscribed to Brigitte for weeks. She was an almost identical carbon copy of his wife, Jenny. However, unlike Jenny, Brigitte was one of the dirtiest girls he'd ever been with. From the way she kissed him to the way she worshipped his cock, he could tell that she was willing to do the most depraved of things in the bedroom. To Albert, this was one of the things his wife lacked - a willingness to try new things.

Her naturally large breasts and her sweet smile made the $10,000 price tag worth it too. He playfully shoved her into the nearby bed, and soon, he was on top of her. The tip of his cock brushed her moist entrance while his hands tightly gripped her wrists above her head. He planted kisses along the sides of her neck while she moaned in sweet bliss. He kissed her light pink nipples, the curves of her cleavage, and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Put it inside of me," she urged him. "And fuck me hard."

Her words sent chills down his spine. He wasn't wearing any protection, but when she insisted that he pull out, that only got him more excited. The risk and primal desire between them made his heart race. He also couldn't believe how horny she was, and he was eager to please. He slowly slid his cock inside of her tight pussy and began to thrust back and forth at a steady pace.

“Fuck,” he whispered. He was careful not to fuck her too hard - he didn't want to hurt her. To his surprise, Brigitte could actually take every inch of him, and she actually seemed to want him to go even harder. 

“Go faster,” she moaned. “God, I’m so fucking wet. I’m amazed that you even fit inside of me.”

“Alright,” he answered. He always exercised restraint around his wife, but Brigitte's desire to be used made him go even harder. The feeling of her warm, wet walls around his shaft drove him wild, and the sweet moans she made sent his body over the edge. Brigitte's moans grew louder and louder as he pounded her from above, plunging into her welcoming body while her dainty legs wrapped around his back. He normally didn't get this aroused around his wife, so being with Brigitte was already about to make him cum. He gritted his teeth as he looked into her wild eyes, struggling to pace himself before reaching the point of no return. “Oh fuck…”

Thankfully, he managed to pull out of her when Brigitte's body began to tremble. She reached down and circled her clit the moment he slipped out of her. And just as her inner folds gushed with her lust, he let out a loud, long groan. His seed erupted across her flat tummy and breasts.

It took a few minutes for them to catch their breath and recover. Covered in their sweat and filth, they hugged each other beneath their dampened sheets.

“That was amazing,” she said with a whisper. “You’re the biggest guy I’ve ever had.”

Albert kissed her, and the two remained locked together in silence. He knew that once he got home, he'd have to scrub her scent off of him before returning home to Jenny. But as Brigitte eagerly stroked his cock for another round, he figured that he could worry about cleaning up after he’d tried a few more positions with Jenny. He came way too quickly after all, and he wanted to get his money’s worth.

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