Thursday, November 2, 2023

Now you know how it feels

Courtney loved the idea of possessing Megan's body, and she loved it even better when she was actually making all of her decisions. She had been her former best friend before they started college, and after a big argument about what college to go to, the two girls drifted apart. They became extremely bitter with each other, and they eventually took that anger on to social media for the world to see. 

Unfortunately, Megan had a lot more dirt on Courtney, and she ended up ruining her life by revealing a secret that nobody was supposed to know. Courtney was an incredibly beautiful transgender woman, and while she didn't openly hide the fact that she was trans, not everybody knew. Everybody had always been accepting, but the moment Megan put her on blast for it, all of the bigots in their friend groups started to show up. People started mistreating Courtney. While 99% of people treated her like a normal human being, there was the 1% that would fill up her inbox with unbelievably mean messages. 

This went on for six months before Courtney ultimately decided to get revenge on Megan. Courtney's dad was an engineer at a facility specializing in the human mind. She discovered that he was working on a prototype that could transfer a person's mind into another person's body. While Courtney loved herself for who she was, she wanted to teach Megan a lesson. 

Her plan was to use her dad's mind possession tiara to place her mind inside of Megan. She was going to do all sorts of embarrassing things in her body. She immediately went to the customer support office that Megan worked at, put the tiara on, and pressed a button while she stared into Megan's eyes.

A strange feeling washed over Courtney's body as she felt her mind being sucked out of her own body and placed into Megan's. She found herself in a strange, dark space before being thrust back into reality. When she opened her eyes, she saw herself sitting across from her. Courtney's body had fallen asleep after she possessed Megan's beautiful body. Picking up the mind possession tiara, she smirked and looked around to make sure nobody was watching. Courtney couldn't help but laugh as she realized that she had successfully possessed Megan's body. She got up and walked around the customer service office, admiring herself in the reflection of the windows. Just as she was about to walk away, her old body began to stir. "What … what happened?" Megan asked in her transgender body.

Courtney walked back to her body on the round and crossed her slender arms. "I guess I ended up swapping our bodies," Courtney said. "Sorry about that. My little toy wasn't supposed to do that. I was supposed to possess your body, but seeing you in my body just gave me a wonderful idea." Just seeing Megan's eyes widen felt all too wonderful. And seeing her small cock hardening and poking through her pants made this even better. "Wow, you're rock hard. Do you like what you see? Do you like seeing me in your gorgeous body?" Courtney ran her hands along her thighs and let out a laugh. "Seeing you in there made me realize something. I don't need to ruin your life. This can be my life now. You've already ruined mine - why should I ruin yours when I can just take it from you?"

"Please, Courtney, let's just talk about this," Megan pleaded. "I never meant to hurt you like this. I was just mad at you and-"

"And you thought ruining my reputation would make everything better, huh?" Courtney laughed. "You know, I never actually hated you. I was jealous of you. You were always the prettier one. The one everybody wanted to be around. The one everyone wanted to fuck. But now that I'm in your body, I think I'll just live with it. I'll be the one everybody wants to be around." Her voice became pure spite. "I'll be the one everyone wants to fuck. Enjoy the life you ruined, bitch."


  1. powerful, well written revenge tale. great turnabout & twist

  2. I like the motivation here, after being treated so cruelly by Megan, Courtney got the last laugh.