Thursday, November 16, 2023

Quitting with my boyfriend

“I love you,” James whispered while stroking Liz’s chin.

Liz planted a kiss against James' lips before he slipped out of the house. “I love you too,” she meekly said. The heat between her legs never cooled down whenever she was around him, and deep down, she never wanted it to end. She could still feel where he roughly held her, and the faint ache made her excited for him to come home.

When she first used the attribute absorption gun to steal her new breasts and feminine bits, she didn't expect her body to feel so different. But after becoming disgruntled at work because of all the dramatic gossipers who made her desk job close to impossible to do, she knew that she had to get back at everybody. 

She had worked at a lab that specialized in alternative methods of plastic surgery. One of the key methods that her old company introduced was DNA swapping, which ended up being altered and changed into the attribute absorption prototype gun that she ended up stealing for herself.

And as she looked out the window and watched her new husband get into the car, she couldn't stop smiling. She was a transgender woman who wanted to be included at her old job. She did everything to get on peoples' good sides. But when people started to talk behind her back, she realized that people were slowly turning against her. She found it harder to get hours as a salesperson, and she felt herself becoming isolated with every passing week.

But James, one of the scientists, saw what was happening, and he decided to teach everybody a lesson when she finally decided that she was going to quit. But that didn't happen immediately - he ended up asking Liz out on a date, much to the surprise of everybody else at work. They ended up slowly falling in love, and when the day came for Liz to give her resignation, James used his keys to unlock the prototype. Liz ended up using the attribute absorption gun to punish the biggest bully of them all: Kassandra.

Kassandra was known for her big breasts and her hourglass figure, and she always made fun of Liz for being a transgender woman. But when Liz stole Kassandra's big boobs and curvaceous hips just before slipping out the door, the look of shock on Kassandra's face would forever be burned into Liz's mind. Liz has stolen her femineity, and the bully was left with her tiny rod. Nobody knew that James had stolen the gun, and nobody suspected him after he quit.

It took several months of slowly stealing her former coworkers' attributes, but by the end of it all, Liz ended up with a body that James loved to worship. She went from being a red head to a curvy blonde that was always ready for sex. Making love in her new body felt incredible, and the passion and care her new husband gave her always sent her over the edge. Sure, he ended up getting fired from their old job, but they were happier than ever now that they were working at lower paid jobs as administrative assistants after getting married. 

There was less stress, drama, and hatred at the new office they worked at. And as she watched James drive away, she knew that her life was absolutely perfect. She had everything she could have ever wanted. And she wouldn't trade her new life for anything in the world.

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  1. You really make the best caps! Love your work man. Really think you could bring this caption idea to life w your artistic abilities: if you don’t mind writing it here’s a prompt I’ve been thinking of lately: Let’s suppose a couple movie into a new neighborhood and the husband makes friends with the other husbands. He discovers they secretly meet every Friday and one of the husbands possesses their wife and strips for the other guys. The new husband who just moved in refuses to do this for them. So they possess his wife and bring her over and make him watch