Monday, November 6, 2023

Using his second chance - Part 2

Justin got in his car and entered the hotel room where one of his clients was staying. He had been invited for a fun day out with a guy who DM'd him on his OnlyFans account. After being a woman for nearly two months, he was finally getting used to his new body. Makayla had helped him with dressing up properly since being an escort was different from showing off his body on OnlyFans. 

The truth was that he had started an OnlyFans account to make an insane amount of money on pictures, videos, and personalized messages. He loved how being a girl felt, and being naked in front of thousands of people was a fun turn on for him. One of his newest services was an overpriced escort option where his subscribers could invite him for a night out. When he learned that he was going to be stuck with Brigitte’s debt, he realized that he needed to get creative with getting out of it. Nobody cared that he was a man trapped in another girl’s body. Very few actually believed him, and for those that did, they wouldn’t give him any assistance whatsoever.

Every moment after his accident hurt. He was filled with nothing but guilt for what happened. The car accident was his fault, and now that he was trapped in another person’s body, he realized that he needed to adjust to his new life and get smart with what he had. He had a second chance in life after stealing it away from Brigitte by accident, and he owed it to her to give back to society as much as possible. With a stupid amount of credit card debt and a retail job, he was having a hard time staying afloat.

Thankfully, tonight, he was going to have a fun time with a customer named Albert. For more than $10,000, he was going to share himself with another man. He was his first customer for this specific service, but he had a feeling that he could milk even more out of him considering how he was a married CEO at a prestigious company (apparently). And when he knocked on the hotel room doorway, he was met with a guy who looked way better than the pictures he sent him.

"God, you're so fucking hot," Albert said with his deep, thunderous voice. He towered over Justin by nearly two feet. He was a muscular, dark-skinned man with a sharp smile that made Justin's legs weak. The feminized man couldn’t believe how turned on he felt in Brigitte’s body. "Jesus, come on inside. You look good…"

Justin was wearing a tight black dress that showed off his long legs and slender curves. Thanks to Makayla, he was actually comfortable with his outfit. Being naked on camera was one thing, but getting the colors and style right was a different monster. "Thanks, Al. You look amazing too. You work out a lot, huh?" He bit his lower lip. “God, I can’t wait to have you fuck me senselessly.” One of the things he'd noticed as a woman was how sensual he had become. In his old male body, he wasn't used to being as horny as he was getting, and his eyes never wandered the male form until he became a woman.

He wasn't sure if Brigitte's body was naturally erotic or if it was because his male mind was in a female body, but he didn't care. He just knew that he was enjoying what he did. Sure, he was given a second chance at life that he didn't deserve, but he was making up for it by making as much cash as possible.

Albert flexed his arms and kissed Justin. His powerful hands were squeezing his femininely tight ass. "Come on, let's get this party started…"

They headed into the bathroom first where there was a filled, circular tub. His request was to bathe with Justin Albert poured some bubble bath into the water and lit a few candles while Justin slowly stripped down to nothing and stepped into the bathtub.

The water was hot, and when Justin closed his eyes, he could feel Albert's strong hands all over him. He squeezed his breasts, massaging his toned abs while circling his clit in the water. Justin could feel the man’s thick cock poking into his flesh. And as he felt kisses against his breasts and neck, Justin realized that the last of his manhood was going to be gone after getting fucked by this stud.

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