Monday, November 13, 2023

Giving her a taste of karma

When Stella's fit teaching assistant voluntarily swapped bodies with her at the body swap clinic, she didn't realize that Beatrice wanted to appeal to her boyfriend's fantasies. She thought that she just wanted the extra reference letter and fake hours. Stella never had Marcus in any of the match classes that she taught, but she knew that he was a handsome man who could have any girl she wanted. He also happened to work at the experimental body swap clinic. Stella was far past her prime. While beautiful, she never felt very beautiful. Her breasts sagged, and her eyebags grew worse with every passing year.

So, when she discovered that Beatrice was going to have sex with her boyfriend, Stella realized that she had a wonderful opportunity. Beatrice's young body was one of the most attractive on campus, and men constantly stared at her wherever she went. Stella wasn't surprised to see this, especially after working with Beatrice for nearly a year. She knew every one of her habits, and she also knew that she was a girl who loved to sleep around.

So, Stella did the unthinkable. After getting Marcus' address, she paid him a little visit when she knew that Beatrice would be out with another one of her college classmates. She whipped out Beatrice's spare cell phone that she kept in her dresser and showed dated pictures and videos from Snapchat that showed her kissing random men. The worst part for him was the fact that they were all dated for when he was already dating her.

So, Stella offered him a deal. She wanted to show him how a real woman treated a real man, and if she could convince the body swap clinic that the swap back had already occurred. “What do you say?” she asked him while licking her lips.

He seemed conflicted. “She’d kill me.”

“She’ll never be able to convince anybody about what happened,” she said. “Not if you help me forge the documents. Tell the clinic that the swap already happened, and that she’s delusional. Once I have her body, and once the paperwork says that I’m the real Beatrice, there shouldn’t be issues, right? All of this is experimental.” 

His conflicted eyes immediately softened, and she could see his cock getting hard through his pants when she undressed in front of him. She moved differently than the original Beatrice, and she could tell that he could barely contain himself when she sucked his length. 

She knew what would happen once she got her way. Beatrice would be trapped in Stella's significantly older body, while her 20-year-old body would belong to Stella forever if she could really blow the boyfriend’s mind. As she moaned into her future boyfriend’s cock, she realized that Beatrice had spent years flaunting her gorgeous body and breaking hearts. She never deserved her body - this was her little taste of karma.

It didn't take long for them to be naked in the exact same bed where he had fucked Stella's older body. She could still feel the dampness in the sheets, but the teacher didn't care. The pleasure she felt and the way he made Marcus cum again and again made her realize that she deserved her new body. She was much better as the new Beatrice, and convincing the boyfriend to help forge the right documents wasn't so difficult.

Stella never thought that she'd enjoy being young again, but she did. By the time Beatrice realized what had happened, it was already too late. Stella fully seduced Marcus, and nobody knew that Beatrice was trapped in a 58-year-old MILF.

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