Monday, January 1, 2024

Stuck in a criminal

It had been the last stop for the train, and passengers were disembarking. As a train attendant made his way around the vehicle to ensure that nothing had been left behind, he stumbled upon a girl soundly asleep at the back of the train. "Miss, this is the last stop. Um, this is the last stop; you'll have to leave," he gently informed her.

However, no response came from the girl, causing the attendant to grow increasingly concerned. He leaned in closer to check if she was breathing. Her hand felt cold, and her pulse and breathing were weak. Realizing the gravity of the situation, the attendant made a quick decision and called for an ambulance. The unconscious girl was identified as 20-year-old Celine.

As the ambulance raced to the scene, Celine's condition remained precarious. The paramedics rushed to her side and worked diligently to stabilize her as they transported her to the hospital. Concerned voices filled the air as they discussed her condition and potential causes for her unresponsiveness.

Meanwhile, Celine's family was notified of the emergency, and they anxiously made their way to the hospital. They had no idea what could have happened to their daughter, who had been healthy and lively just hours before. Hours later, when Celine finally regained consciousness, she found herself in a rather peculiar state. Her body felt heavy, and her limbs appeared larger than they should have been. Strapped around her chest was something unfamiliar, and a cold breeze brushed over her bare skin.

It was the strangest feeling. Strange flashes of memories she didn’t recognize were flickering before her very eyes. She felt so confused while she moved from memory to memory. She saw women screaming and a man giggling in the background. As Celine began to gather her senses, she realized that her body seemed entirely foreign to her. Moreover, she was no longer on the train. Confusion filled her as she cautiously got up and explored the dimly lit room. She managed to locate a light switch and flicked it on, revealing that she was inside a bathroom.

To her utter shock, the reflection in the nearby mirror left her speechless. Staring back at her was a 50-year-old man with broad shoulders, a bald head, and thick stubble. The bizarre change overwhelmed her, and she decided that her best course of action was to call the police. Unfortunately, that only brought a police cruiser over to her location, and she was displeased to learn that she was in the body of a renegade serial killer named Ashton Miller. After sacrificing so many women in sick rituals, he finally gained the ability to detach his corrupted soul. He had become a man armed with dark magic, and he was eager to use it. He decided to project his soul into the young body of an unsuspecting girl, and once inside, his soul struggled to push her out.

Eventually, the real Ashton awoke in the hospital surrounded by Celine’s concerned family. The evil smile on his face said it all. Nobody understood why she seemed too happy, or why she no longer had her memories despite not having any signs of a head injury. It was a perplexing medical case, but nobody would ever discover the truth while Ashton Miller secured a second chance at life as a beautiful woman. He had become the very thing he loved to chase after, and the things he could do to himself made him eager to get discharged as soon as possible.


  1. chilling && very well writtten horror story.

  2. This reminds me of the movie "Freaky" with Vince Vaughn. Really cool story.