Saturday, January 6, 2024

I shouldn't have helped

The look that Andrea gave Maggie sent shivers down her spine. She looked beautiful, yet the rage building inside of Maggie made her fists tremble. There was a subtle and knowing smirk, and the fact that her old friend seemed to unbothered made her realize that this was all a mistake. Edgar had already left, but Maggie knew all too well that he had fucked Andrea in their bed. What hurt the most was the fact that Maggie had trusted Andrea. She loved her. She didn't expect her best friend to seduce her boyfriend, and she also didn't expect her friend to change so much.

After helping Andrea get her new body to help with her self-esteem, Maggie had seen insane changes in her personality. At first, she thought it was just a side effect of the mind projection remote being broken by Andrea, but she realized it was something much deeper than that. Maggie was beginning to see the real side of her friend, a side without the low self-esteem or self-hate, and she wasn't very happy about it.

Andrea had once been a timid and kind transgender woman who had low self-esteem. So, when the two worked on their high school science project together, her confidence improved ten fold upon discovering a method of temporarily possessing other people. The breakthrough meant that they could potentially help the disabled have temporary bodies. The only issue was that the possession never lasted very long, and so they ended up doing another project for school.

It wasn't until they began college that things really started to improve. Andrea found a way to extend the possession time, and based off that, Maggie was able to discover the formula needed to make it so that a possession would only stop upon pressing a button on a remote. The remote could transfer a mind into another body, while the remote could also reverse it. The only downside was that the person doing the possessing needed a second person to transfer the possessor's mind. The fist button would lock one's mind into the remote, and another person had to "launch" them into their intended target.

Maggie helped launch Andrea into Elise, a blonde bombshell with a reputation for being an absolute bitch. She studied English, and she was renowned for being the spoiled rich girl throughout campus. She also said a lot of mean things to Andrea, so when Maggie learned that her friend wanted to become her to take some of her money for her college debt, she was initially hesitant. But after she helped Andrea get her new body, she eventually thought that it would be better to have her in Elise's shoes. But when Maggie couldn't find the remote control, she would eventually find it crushed alongside her shredded notes.

"Yeah, I photocopied those," Andrea finally said while crossing her arms. "Sorry that you had to find out about this, though. I didn't want to hurt your feelings. But this was exactly what I wanted. This gorgeous body, this wealth, and the secrets to extending my own life. Dying was always something at the back of my mind, but now I don't have to worry about it. And the secret is all mine."

Maggie fought back tears. "But you didn't have to take Edgar from me, you fucking bitch!"

"Oh, but he's always been on my radar," Andrea admitted. "Ever since you started dating him. You knew I liked him too, but you took him from me. But I also knew that he had a crush on Elise. Everybody did. And after letting him fuck this hot body, he's actually mine now. God, I know why you love him so much. He made me cum so hard. Maybe you should've been a better girlfriend. Now, get out. I'm going to get used to my new boyfriend's bed. You're going to have to move out."

Maggie stormed out of the apartment, her anger boiling over. She couldn't believe what Andrea had done, and she couldn't believe that she had let it happen. She thought she knew Andrea better than anyone else, but she realized she didn't know her at all.


  1. Years later Andrea met Maggie at Maggie’s wedding. They talked for a long time. Maggie found out that Andrea didn’t realize there were side effects of her transformation. Andrea was now divorced because the transformation had changed her into a total sex crazed bimbo who had by then multiple affairs with several men. She also had gotten several STDs from these one night stands. Andrea was now working as stripper/cocktail waitress at a low class dive bar where patrons could “sample” for a mere twenty dollars. Maggie said her new husband was a Senior Vice President at the local bank and that for their honeymoon they had rented a fancy expensive villa for two weeks in Nice, France near the France Monaco border.