Thursday, December 21, 2023

Letting a virgin touch me

Tom stood in his older sister's room, trying on various outfits he had found in her closet. The sunlight streaming through the window cast a warm glow over the room, highlighting his reflection in the mirror. He had temporarily switched bodies at the body swap clinic with his friend Kelly to let her experience what it would be like to be a guy, and the experience had surpassed her expectations. She kept telling him how right it felt. Meanwhile, he loved the feeling of the soft fabrics against his skin and the way the clothes fit his new figure. "I'm starting to like this a little too much too," he whispered in her sexy voice.

He twirled in front of the mirror, admiring the way the skirt of a dress flared out. As Tom was admiring himself in one of his sister's dresses, a ring from the doorbell echoed through the house. It jolted him back to reality. He glanced at the clock and realized that Ferris, his best friend from college who helped get him a job as a software engineer, was due to come over to take him to the lake with their other friends.

Tom always felt bad for the guy. Ferris was always the introverted type, and to his knowledge, the guy never went out with anyone. "Think I'll let him have a go with me," Tom said. "It's the least I could do for helping me out with getting my new job…" The thought of what he was about to do made his heart race - he couldn't believe he was about to seduce one of his friends. But the horniness building up inside of him drove him forward. He hurried downstairs, his heart racing with a mix of nervousness and excitement. As he opened the front door, he saw Ferris standing there, looking relaxed in his summer attire.

"Is … Tom home?" Ferris asked. "Sorry, I don't think w-we've met…"

"I'm Tom," he answered. "Don't be so nervous. Come inside. I have a surprise for you. Are you still a virgin?"

Tom took Ferris' hand and gently led him into the house, but there was a bit of hesitance in his step. "I'm serious. I'm Tom. I switched bodies with one of my other friends to let her be a guy for a few days. She wants to transition, so we've done a temporary trade. And today's going to be your lucky day. Call off our plans."

Ferris stood there, dumbfounded, unable to process the transformation while he stared into his eyes. His mind raced with questions, but he found himself at a loss for words. Tom, understanding Ferris' confusion, offered a reassuring smile, an unspoken gesture that said everything was okay.

Ferris slowly pulled out his phone, his fingers hesitating over the keys. He knew their friends were waiting for them at the lake. With a deep breath, Ferris called their friends. He told them that he was going to be late before hanging up the phone. That's when Tom decided to make the first move. Getting on to his tippy toes, he planted a kiss against Ferris' lips, and he immediately felt the man's hard cock brushing up against him.

Tom took Ferris by the hand, leading him upstairs to the bedroom. Tom's hands roamed across Ferris' body, exploring every inch of it while he let his friend touch him repeatedly. He wouldn’t be the best fuck (he would finish way too soon), but it was enough for Tom to really enjoy himself. The experience would leave him open to keeping his new body, especially when Kelly also decided that being in Tom's body was one of the most liberating experiences of her life. It wasn't that hard for either of them to keep their new bodies either. A handful of signatures at the body swap clinic to fully reassign their bodies was all they needed, and they did it without a second thought.


  1. wickedly funny Thanks for a body swap. charming & witty, nice change mutual swap, very enjoyable

  2. Very sweet story. It's nice to see Tom helping both Ferris out and then Kelly when he figures out he'd rather be a woman.