Saturday, December 23, 2023

I wanted to be popular

Sarah gazed intently at the glowing vial of orange liquid in her hand. Over the past year, she had dedicated herself to the art of potion brewing, delving into ancient recipes and mystical concoctions. Among these, she discovered a body transformation potion, a recipe that sparked a daring idea in her mind. She wanted to transform into one of the popular girls at school, specifically Victoria, known for her stunning beauty and charm. Sarah, while not unattractive, had always felt overshadowed by Victoria's popularity. She longed for a taste of that allure, that effortless grace that seemed to draw people to Victoria.

With meticulous care, Sarah prepared the potion, ensuring she followed the recipe to the letter. She knew the transformation would be temporary and planned accordingly. On the table beside her, she placed an extra potion, a concoction that would reverse the transformation and bring her back to her normal self. It was her safety net, her assurance that she could return to her life after experiencing the world through Victoria's eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Sarah uncorked the potion. “This is it,” she whispered. “I’m going to be her. I’m going to be Victoria.” The ideas of what she would do were making her even more nervous. She was unbelievably popular, to the point where guys were constantly chasing after her. Victoria was still single, so the idea that she could have any of the cutest guys at school made her hands tremble.

Gulping, she had one final ingredient to add – a small strand of blonde hair she had stealthily acquired from Victoria's car during class. As she dropped the hair into the vial, it fizzed and dissolved, causing the potion to change color. The liquid turned a bright pink, signaling that the transformation potion was ready.

With a mixture of eagerness and nervousness, Sarah brought the vial to her lips and drank its contents. The potion was sweet, with a tangy aftertaste that lingered on her tongue. She waited, her eyes wide with anticipation, for the transformation to begin. Suddenly, Sarah felt a wave of dizziness wash over her. She stumbled, falling to her hands and knees as the room spun around her. In her disoriented state, she knocked the table over, sending the other potion crashing to the floor. The glass shattered, the liquid seeping into the cracks of the hardwood.

At first, Sarah wasn't worried. She thought she could simply brew another potion to reverse the transformation. But then, she felt a strange sensation coursing through her body. Her skin began to ripple and contort, and she realized with horror that she was shrinking. Panic set in as Sarah's body started to change. 

She felt her bones rearranging, her features morphing into something lighter and slimmer. It was nothing like she had expected, especially as a ticklish sensation ran through her. However, instead of transforming into Victoria, she was becoming something else entirely – a small cat. The realization hit her hard – a cat had been in her car, so Sarah ended up grabbing the wrong strands.

Her perspective of the room quickly changed as she continued to shrink, the furniture towering over her like giants now. She tried to call out, to scream, but all that came out was a soft, feline mew. Her hands, now paws, clawed at the ground in confusion and fear. These were useless for potion brewing. To make things worse, her mind was starting to fail her too. Soon, she would actually think that she was a cat, and nobody would know otherwise.

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