Friday, May 24, 2024

My grandparents


  1. Very happy that you're posting captions more regularly again! I hope you're doing well Jimmy. Haven't reached out in ages. Know when you'll start writing shorts again?

    1. I've been super busy for the past 2ish years, so I unfortunately haven't been able to post regular weekly stories. Some life events, school, and then trying to get a new job after a layoff was definitely hard. Recently, I was swamped with other work (very happy to have that) but I've been pumping out free captions more often as of last month. Recent free captions are thanks to the 3 subscribers/patrons who have been giving me max contributions too - I've been super blessed, so I've been trying to get out more content.

      I will still have gaps here and there for free content, but I'm hoping to continue writing more! I'm prioritizing the subscriber/Patron requests at the moment, but I do have eventual plans for more shorts and bundles. Those will just be released at a VERY slow pace. To put it into perspective, Letting Him Cheat, my most recent release, took 3 months to put together.

      Also, thanks so much for your support :) have a wonderful day